Protect Your Users

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Looking for an easier, more effective way to protect your users anywhere they access the Internet? Check out Cisco Umbrella.

Umbrella is a cloud-delivered, secure internet gateway that protects your users wherever they go - on and off the corporate network. It safeguards them from malware, phishing, ransomware and inappropriate usage.

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Let LaSalle show you the benefits of using Cisco Umbrella:

  • Protect all devices on your network (managed & unmanaged BYOD, IoT, etc.)
  • Protect laptops on and off your VPN
  • Simplest security to deploy everywhere
  • Stop threats across all ports and protocols
  • Stop threats before they reach your network or endpoints
  • Access intelligence about malware, domains, and IPs across the internet
  • Easily integrate with your existing security stack
  • No added latency or need to proxy every connection.


See the benefits yourself:

Seeing is believing, which is why we’re offering you a FREE 21-day trial to give you the opportunity to get hands-on with the tool.

  • No hardware to ship or software to maintain because it’s cloud-delivered with 100% business uptime.
  • Deploys in <30 minutes and can run on your production networks to show real results, instantly.
  • You'll see how Umbrella immediately blocks malware, phishing, and command and control callbacks, within minutes.

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